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Barcelona, located in Catalonia, Spain, is one of the world's largest and most diverse cities, renowned for its visually stunning artwork, historical buildings, and the famous FC Barcelona.

As far as experiences go, April in Barcelona marks the start of the tourist season and presents an opportunity to explore the vibrant city.

You can enjoy various sightseeing opportunities, such as admiring Gaudi's Modernism at the Sagrada Familia, experiencing the Annual Feria De Abril festival in Seville, and appreciating the architectural designs of Park Guell, located in Ciutat Vella.

Moreover, Barcelona is known for its city tours and sun-kissed beaches. Additionally, you can take a culinary tour of Catalonia to sample a diverse range of delicious local dishes and gain insights into Spanish cooking traditions.

In this article, you'll find out what makes visiting Barcelona in April so special as we navigate you through this particular season in Barcelona.

Barcelona Weather in April

April in Barcelona is relatively warm and sunny as it signals the arrival of the spring season and is perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Although, the weather can still vary, and there can be rainy or cooler days. It's always good to check the weather forecast before traveling to Barcelona in April.

In the daytime, the average minimum temperature in Barcelona is around 60°F/16°C. At night, the average temperature drops down to about 44°F/ 7°C.

Often, this happens in early April, so make sure that you bring your winter jacket for the nighttime and a light jacket for the daytime when you visit Barcelona. Barcelona in April is usually mild and pleasant for a visit.

Barcelona Weather in April

Top 12 Attractions in Barcelona in April

1. Celebrate Sant Jordi's day (Saint George's day)

Sant Jordi day, also called Patron Saint or George's day in English, is celebrated annually on April 23rd in Barcelona. Like many before, Sant Jordi (Saint George) is the patron saint of Catalonia. 

The festival is a 10-day celebration held in Catalonia to remember the famous Sant Jordi, who became a Christian martyr in the 4th century.

According to the Legend, he slew a dragon and rescued a princess.

Based on this story, it is, therefore, the tradition for men and women to exchange gifts; Men gift red roses to women to commemorate this day, while the women return this favor by giving men a book in remembrance of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, who both died on April 23rd. This day also represents the international day of books.

Celebrate Sant Jordis day

2. Festa Major de la Sagrada Familia

Festa Major de la Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic church in the neighborhood of Sagrada Familia.

The famous Catalan Antoni Gaudi designed it. Annually, the iconic church attracts about 2.8 million people worldwide.

3. Celebrate Easter and Holy Week

Celebrate Easter and Holy Week

When you visit Barcelona for the first time, it will surprise you that easter week in Barcelona isn't as widely celebrated as you might expect.

Nevertheless, religious processions are locally held across the streets of Catalonia to commemorate religious events like Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and Good Friday, especially in places like the Gothic Quarter.

4. Feria de Abril in Parc del Forum

The April fair originated in Seville in the 1800s as a farmer's festival and has since gained ascendance among the Andalusians.

Similar to saint George's day, the festival occurs after Easter for ten days, and it takes place in the Parc del Forum.

As a showcase of pride and cultural heritage, the festival features a variety of traditional displays, from rich cultural outfits to the vibrant Spanish dance known as flamenco.

Spanish cuisine, food, local music, and drinks can be found throughout the festival. If you want to see a flamenco show, you can visit Tablao Cordobes for an eye-catching experience.

5. Celebrate Earth Day (22nd April)

Celebrate Earth Day

The Fira de la Terra, a handmade festival sometimes called Earth fair in English, is celebrated worldwide to create awareness about climate change and to also care for the environment.

The earth day Barcelona festival in Catalonia occurs in Parc de la Ciutadella. The festival features debates about environmental issues and climate change.

6. Sports events

Every year, Barcelona is a popular tourist destination for football fans who flock to Camp Nou to watch their favorite stars play for FC Barcelona.

However, it may come as little or no surprise to discover that the city attracts many tennis fans in April.

Barcelona fans come out in groups to witness what some consider the most important tennis tournament in the world, the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell.

The Barcelona Open is usually an exciting competition played at the Reial Club de Tenis. The clay court tournament begins in mid-April and concludes towards the end of the month.

7. The city's parks

The city's parks Barcelona in April

Visiting Barcelona in April is a refreshing experience offering a unique life perspective.

The most incredible experience you can have as a tourist is visiting Parc Guell, built by the genius Antoni Gaudi. The park represents a source of cultural pride for many Catalans.

However, there are other fantastic amusement park rides and attractions in Barcelona.

These three amazing parks, the Caribe Aquatic Park, PortAventura Park, and the Ferrari Land, are incredible places to visit in Barcelona in April.

These parks are located in the same area, making it easy for visitors to explore Barcelona and enjoy various entertainment options like amusement park rides, events, and games with friends and family.

To save costs on your visit to Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia, you should obtain a Barcelona Pass or any other tourist card for free entrance.

8. Hotels in Barcelona

Hotels in Barcelona

When visiting Barcelona in April, as a first-time visitor, you may not be aware that this city has some of the most beautiful hotels in the world, especially for a discerning luxury traveler.

These luxurious accommodations include; the Casa Gracia Barcelona Hostel, Hotel Arts Barcelona, Mercer Hotel Barcelona, Hotel rec Barcelona, Grand Hotel Central, Almanac Barcelona, Generator Barcelona, Hotel Jazz, and a Mediterranean youth hostel.

Also, Barcelona has a range of budget hotels like Hostal Girona, Hotel Santa Marta, and Hotel Market.

9. D'A film festival

Worldwide, local and international artists visit Barcelona for the D'A film festival

Not only does the film fair create an avenue where talented local and international artists show off their films and share their experiences with audiences, but the festival also provides a platform for music artists to showcase their skills and talents.

Therefore, for music lovers or movie enthusiasts, visiting Barcelona in April is a fantastic time to check out the festival.

You can enjoy delicious local food, listen to live music, and immerse yourself in Spanish culture

10. Casa Mila

Casa Mila Barcelona In April

If you are a tourist traveling to Barcelona in April. Don't miss out on the final work of Antoni Gaudi. Recently, the casa Mila has been used for nighttime activities and summer concerts.

However, you can check the amazing building out before the summer months arrive, as the place is usually less crowded in April.

11. Portaventura Day Trip

PortAventura is about an hour from Barcelona by bus or train. The weather is good in April, and there are usually fewer tourists, making it a wonderful day trip, especially with family or friends.

12. Casa Batlló

Casa Batllo Barcelona In April

The Casa Batllo, sometimes called the "House of Bones" by the locals, was redesigned by Antoni Gaudi in 1904. If you're a visiting tourist in Barcelona in April, you can check this masterpiece out to experience the awe and wonder yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Barcelona Hot in April?

April brings a mild warmth to Barcelona. While the average temperature hovers around 16℃, the mid-day sun can push the mercury to touch between 18℃ and 20℃.

Yet, when night falls, it can become significantly cooler, dropping to as low as 4℃. This variation suggests packing versatile clothing for both warm days and cooler evenings.

Is It Cold in Barcelona in April?

April's climate in Barcelona can be unpredictable. On average, temperatures range between a cool 53°F and a moderate 68°F (11°C to 20°C). The initial weeks of the month can feel chillier.

Thus, carrying a jacket is essential. And while the sun might tempt, the chilly sea breeze makes beach activities like sunbathing or swimming a challenge.

How Busy is Barcelona in April?

April witnesses a moderate influx of tourists in Barcelona. Though it's not the peak season, the various cultural festivities and events occurring during this month attract many visitors.

So while the city isn't overwhelmingly crowded, there's a palpable buzz, making it an opportune time for those seeking a blend of vibrant city life and manageable tourist numbers.

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