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You made a great choice if you choose to explore Barcelona in July. You are invited to participate in any activity in this diverse and welcoming city because there is so much to see and do there. In July, Barcelona experiences its summer season.

Numerous music festivals are happening during certain holidays this month to suit all interests.

Still, you can also visit the beach, witness a play, admire the city's architecture, or stroll around its neighborhoods to discover its customs.

Summer is fantastic in Spain, but Barcelona is much more remarkable because it sits at the seaside. If you visit this great city in July, I suggest several events you should not miss.

Weather in Barcelona in July

The July weather in Barcelona is all about the sun and sweltering temperatures. Due to the heat and dehydration, many people leave during the summer, but this doesn't necessarily have to be the case and is even less likely if you visit Barcelona in July.

While the average minimum temperature is slightly cooler this month than in early August, it is your last opportunity to take advantage of summer without worrying about the heat.

In July, Barcelona often experiences temperatures between 23 to 29 °C, which suggests a typical average temperature for this part of Europe.

You should be aware that there could be heat waves with peaks as high as 34 °C. In that situation, it is advisable to be ready by hydrating well and wearing sunscreen.

If you're visiting Barcelona in mid-July, I advise you to bring only the bare necessities: t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, and perhaps a light jacket.

Weather in Barcelona in July

Things to Do in Barcelona in July

Barcelona is a well-liked vacation spot in July due to the warm weather and numerous events and festivals. Here are some activities you can engage in while visiting Barcelona in July:

1. Enjoy the beach by swimming, walking, and relaxing

Enjoy the beach Barcelona in July

Barcelona had ignored the water for a long time, but that is no longer true. You may take in the city's gorgeous beaches in July, look out at the enormous city from there, and enjoy the Barcelona beach festival in July.

One of Barcelona's best qualities is its contrast, which makes sense. Two activities to enjoy the summer in July are lying on the sand or swimming in the ocean while listening to electronic music.

All these and other water-related activities are all you can enjoy in the average temperatures of July in Barcelona

2. Gaudi bike tour (with Park Güell)

Gaudi bike tour

Even in the depths of winter, tourists are drawn to the magnificent structures that Catalonian great architect Antonio Gaudi has left behind. Park Güell is a public park in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, Spain.

One of Park Guell's highlights is the main terrace, located at the highest point and offers panoramic views of Barcelona.

The ideal of Gaudi Bike Tour in Barcelona in July is to take advantage of the fantastic weather by going on a guided e-bike tour of the city's main attractions.

3. Festa Major del Raval

Festa Major del Raval

Festa Major del Raval is an annual festival in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona, usually in mid-June. It is a celebration of the neighborhood's diversity and cultural events. 

It features various activities and events, including free concerts for music lovers, dance performances, street parties, parades, and food and drink stalls.

4. Cruïlla Festival

The Cruïlla Festival, synonymous with summer in Barcelona, is a festival you should not miss if you are a true classical musician visiting the Catalan capital.

You'll be enthralled by the fact that this festival brings together the best of the best in music and is held in the stunning Parc del Forum, which is situated on the seashore.

4. Follow Barcelona in La Liga

Follow Barcelona in La Liga

In keeping with the sports theme, FC Barcelona frequently makes a concerted push for the La Liga championship during this time of year. Barcelona city is fc Barcelona's home ground.

On, you can buy tickets for all their home games and, hopefully, see some great goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, their newest acquisition.

5. Visit Barcelona Aquarium

The Barcelona Aquarium, also known as L'Aquarium de Barcelona, is one of the largest aquariums in Europe and a popular tourist attraction in Barcelona. 

The aquarium is home to more than 11,000 marine animals from over 450 species in the Port Vell area. Visitors can check out the different exhibitions and learn about marine life. 

With its impressive displays of colorful fish, sharks, jellyfish, and other ocean creatures, the Barcelona Aquarium is an ideal place to spend time while visiting Barcelona. Plus, you can learn about conservation efforts and how to help protect our oceans.

6. Get to know the whole coast from a catamaran

whole coast from a catamaran

Barcelona boat trips are a must-do, mainly if they are on a catamaran. Although we know there is water throughout the whole year round, the summer, particularly July, is the best time to enjoy it because the average minimum temperatures are more pleasant, especially near the shore.

Many boats frequently go along Barcelona's stunning coastline while providing services to tourists.

5. Take advantage of the best time for nightlife

best time for nightlife

Do you like clubbing and partying? In Barcelona, July is among the finest months to do that because you won't need to bring winter clothing, the sun sets very late, and it's less busy than August.

The nighttime can begin outside at breathtaking locations like El Bunkers del Carmel, where people congregate to drink and share, which is one of the beautiful things about this temperature.

But if you want to visit many bars, and clubs, you should start in the Ciutat Vella neighborhood.

6. Casa Mila

Casa Mila

Another magnificent creation by Gaud, the House Milà, was completed in Barcelona in 1912 and was created by the renowned architect Antoni Gaud.

Originally intended as a residential apartment complex for the Milà family, the structure is now a well-liked tourist destination and cultural hub.

The home was precisely constructed, and it has a natural open ventilation system that almost eliminates the need for air conditioning.

7. Admire the best singers in the Festival Jardins de Pedralbes

This historic royal house has a lovely lawn designed to host spectacular concerts. Another one of your alternatives for entertainment is the Jardins de Pedralbes festival

If you go there in July, this is one of the best times to experience Barcelona's art, history, natural beauty, jazz concerts, and some other outdoor concerts.

In addition to being a magnificent example of a classical building that makes for excellent images, the Pedralbes castle also houses a wonderful festival you will adore.

Any musical genre is appropriate for this stage because of many performers, like Pablo Alborán, Naty Peluso, Aitana, Raphael, and Il Divo.

8. Walk through the Raval while you see some castles

Walk through the Raval

Most visitors pass past the Raval without realizing they are there. It will be challenging to visit Barcelona in July because the Rambla del Raval is the focal point of the neighborhood's annual event.

Although the Virgen del Carmen was the focus of the initial celebrations, the Raval carnivals now serve as a fun way for travelers like you to pass the time.

The castells are one of Catalonia's finest artistic displays here. These individuals create huge circular towers by stacking themselves atop one another. The difficulty is avoiding falling, and it is worthwhile to take time each day trip to admire them.

9. Rock Fest Barcelona

It is a famous annual rock and heavy metal music festival that usually takes place in July in Barcelona, Spain.

The festival features a lineup of well-known bands from various rock and metal genres, including classic rock, heavy metal, thrash metal, and more.

The festival typically takes place at the Parc de Can Zam, an open-air venue located on the outskirts of Barcelona.

In addition, to live music performances, they offer various food and beverage options, merchandise stands, and other entertainment activities.

10. Attend the Grec Festival

Attend the Grec Festival

El Grec is the festival that best embodies Barcelona. The best Barcelona and Catalan theater is displayed at this performing arts festival. 

If you visit in July, you shouldn't skip the opportunity to see one of the plays presented here. 

This is a month-long performing arts festival held annually in Barcelona during July. The festival features theatre, dance, music, and circus performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is July a suitable month to travel to Barcelona?

Absolutely, July is a prime time to immerse oneself in Barcelona's vibrant atmosphere.

It stands out as the liveliest month, brimming with a plethora of outdoor activities, engaging sporting events, and major festivals.

Tourists can revel in the sunny days and get a true taste of the city's energetic summer vibe.

Is July in Barcelona too hot?

While summer warmth is palpable, most find the climate in Barcelona during July to be quite agreeable.

The gentle sea breezes play a significant role in moderating the heat, typically keeping daytime temperatures hovering around a pleasant 24 to 25°C (74 to 77°F), ensuring it doesn't feel overwhelmingly hot.

What is it like in Barcelona in July?

July in Barcelona is synonymous with bustling outdoor activities.

The city beaches become a hub for sunbathers and swimmers.

Meanwhile, myriad patios come alive with locals and tourists savoring delicious tapas and drinks.

The air is filled with the melodies of live concerts, and several locations witness spirited carnivals and events.

Conclusion - Barcelona in July

July is a busy month in Barcelona's hotel industry, and much more so for seasonal apartment rentals and street shopping.

In July, you can visit Barcelona's Sagrada Familia, Costa Brava, PortAventura World, Casa Vicens, and other top tourist attractions and hotspots.

The summer brings great weather, seaside breezes, and outdoor festivals make it an ideal time for music fans, beach bums, and food tour enthusiasts to discover Barcelona's peak season perfection and to navigate Barcelona better; consider taking a guided tour.

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