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Published on April 19, 2023

Barcelona prides itself on being a gorgeous city and a great tourist location because of its mind-blowing architectural building styles that fill the city. If there is a month in the year that warrants a visit to the gorgeous city of Barcelona, it's September.

Compared to the other months in the year, September is the ideal month to explore the various attractions, including the architecture and museums, due to the city's great weather and fewer crowds during this time. In September, Barcelona also sees a slew of exciting and culturally immersive local fiestas.

In this blog, I will be sharing how Barcelona is in September ranges, reasons to visit Barcelona in September, what to pack for a sailing trip to Barcelona in September, and plentiful things to do in Barcelona in September.

What is Barcelona like in September timings?

Barcelona in September timings is considered pleasant September is known as the month of changing seasons, so expect a transition in the weather conditions in Barcelona.

In early September, the weather is warm with clear skies, and towards the last days of the month, it shows signs of colder weather and autumn, sometimes with occasional showers.

Barcelona weather in September is not too hot or humid or cold, just perfect. The average temperature conditions are between 20 degrees Celsius – 26 degrees Celsius. The daily wind speed is about 7.1mph to 7.7mph, with the wind breezing moderately from the south.

On average, September has just four rainy days in Barcelona each year. These rains are usually heavy downpours that may last up to 30 minutes. The average rainfall in September is 40mm to 48mm, with no signs or chance of fog or snow.

In Barcelona, there are fewer tourist crowds in September; therefore, the airfare and accommodation fares are comparatively lower. The month of September provides just enough sun to enjoy the outdoors & beaches of the gorgeous city.

Barcelona in September

What makes exploring Barcelona in September special?

September is full of several local events and major events taking place in Barcelona, which makes it the perfect time of year to visit. Here are six (6) reasons why you need to explore Barcelona in September

1. The La Mercè Festival

The La Merce Festival

The La Mercè festival is an annual festival commemorating the patron saint of Barcelona, Virgin Greece. It has been held every 24th day of September since the medieval days.

The festival is a Festa Major del Poblenou and La Barceloneta, with celebrations typically starting a few days before the 24th of September and ending a few days after. During this festival in September, over 600 completely free concerts are held throughout Barcelona's city center, giving tourists adventures to enjoy.

2. The Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM)

The BAM festival is a series of musical concerts accompanying the La Mercè events. The BAM festival is held in venues all over the entire city.

The BAM concerts are always free outdoor events with lots of indie rock music with appearances from electronic and pop artists.

3. The La Diada Nacional De Catalunya

La Diada Nacional De Catalunya

La Diada is the National Day of Catalunya, celebrated on the 11th day of September every year in the area of La Ribera as a national day of Catalan Pride. It is always a one-day event only

This day is celebrated with various cultural events, Catalan independence demonstrations with the Catalan flag, and marches in the city's heart.

4. The beautiful fall weather

September is considered the fantastic fall weather season in Barcelona. September is the month of the onset of fall or autumn, with lower temperatures and pleasant sunny days that make September such a great time for a real Barcelona boat party on a sailing trip.

5. Outdoor events

Outdoor events

September in Barcelona is known for pleasant weather conditions. As a result, September is believed to be the perfect time to go to amusement parks to enjoy outdoor fun events like swimming in the sea, a food and wine tour, walking tours, boat parties, wine tastings, and many more.

You get to go on a day trip to places in Barcelona such as Montserrat and Girona and day trips through the ancient neighborhoods such as the Touristic Gothic Quarter, El Born, and La Ramblas.

6. Lots of festivals and events

Other exciting festive major events are also held in Barcelona in September. September is full of festivals that offer a peek into the Catalan culture, heritage, and Catalan identity of Barcelona.

These festivals range from fabulous street festivals comprising fireworks, music and dance performances, exciting parades, and many more that will catch the eye.

Great things to do in Barcelona in September

1. Visit La Sagrada Familia

Visit La Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia Cathedral is Fc Barcelona's annual star attraction for millions of tourists. However, September will be the best month to go to Barcelona to visit the Sagrada Familia cathedral to explore Gaudi sites to the fullest as there will be fewer crowds in and outside.

2. Attend the La Merce festival

It is important that when in Barcelona in September, you should attend the La Mercè event to get the best of festival experiences in the Barcelona city center.

3. Visit the museums

Visit the museums Barcelona

Ensure to spend a day visiting the culturally rich museums around the city that pay homage to art and architecture. You can enjoy a swab Barcelona food tour and art fair from your local tourist office.

4. Drop by at Casa Mila and Casa Batllo

Casa Mila is the famous mansion and human towers known as a modernist museum in FC Barcelona declared a world UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is one of Gaudi's first buildings with exciting art displays.

Casa Batllo is a unique and quirky building with curvy and colorful architecture and a façade that has also earned the architectural wonder title of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

5. Go wine tasting in the Penedes

wine tasting in the Penedes

Luckily, September is the start of autumn, a great time for wine tastings. The Penedes region is the perfect place for a wine and private tour in Barcelona.

6. Visit beaches

Barcelona beaches are a must-visit and the most fun outdoor activities to do to enjoy Barcelona in September because of the great fall weather at that time.

September is the best time to head to the Costa Brava and other beaches to get the best Barcelona boat parties.

7. Visit Park Guell

Park Güell is an expansive Gaudi creation to visit to take a stroll during September's sunny but not overbearingly hot weather in Barcelona.

The park features art enthusiasts and masterpieces like the Dragon Stairs, the Guardian House, the Hypostyle Hall, and many more.

Packing guide for travel to Barcelona in September

Packing guide for travel to Barcelona in September

September is known to be a changing season in Barcelona; therefore, you must pack right for the season and its changes.

Here are some important items to pack when visiting Barcelona in September.

· Summer clothes such as cotton clothing materials, mostly short sleeves clothes.

· Long shawl to cover your shoulder when out or in a church.

· Long-sleep pullovers and jackets

· Swimsuits and beach accessories

· Jeans, linen pants, and shorts

· Comfortable pair of sandals or walking shoes or boots

· Refillable water bottles to bring water with you on the go.

· Lanyard cellphone case with cords

· Universal power adaptors

· Toiletries and Medications

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Barcelona crowded in September?

While September sees a decline in tourist numbers compared to the peak summer months, Barcelona still retains a lively atmosphere.

Being considered an off-peak month, the city experiences fewer crowds, allowing visitors to explore attractions with more ease and comfort.

However, the pleasant weather still draws many travelers, so expect a vibrant yet manageable ambiance.

Is Barcelona windy in September?

In September, Barcelona enjoys a gentle breeze, predominantly from the south. The average wind speed is around 7.7mph, making the city's atmosphere quite pleasant.

This moderate breeze ensures that the weather isn't stifling, but it's not so strong as to cause any significant disruptions to outdoor activities or sightseeing ventures.

Can you swim at the beaches in Barcelona in September?

Absolutely! September is a lovely time for beachgoers in Barcelona.

With sea temperatures averaging a comfortable 24°C, the waters are inviting for both leisurely swims and water sports.

The pleasant weather, combined with fewer crowds, provides a more relaxed beach experience, making it an ideal time for a dip in the Mediterranean.

Conclusion – Barcelona in September

September is an excellent time to visit Barcelona because September is well-known for being the best fall weather time, filled with many exciting and adventurous events and festivals.

Barcelona in September is at one of its peak beauties with fewer crowds. Plan to visit Barcelona in September, and you can stand a chance to watch FC Barcelona play live at Camp Nou Stadium.

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