The Best Barcelona Bars and Their Signature Cocktails

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Published on December 19, 2022

Keen on discovering Barcelona's vibrant bar scene with a twist? The heart of Catalonia isn't just renowned for its architectural masterpieces and sun-kissed shores—it's also a hub for cocktail enthusiasts.

Delve into our guide on the best Barcelona bars and their signature cocktails, offering a unique taste of the city's nightlife and mixology magic.

From the classics that encapsulate the Mediterranean spirit to innovative blends that surprise and delight, we've captured it all. Curious about the flavors that await? Continue on and embark on a tantalizing tour of Best Barcelona Bars.

Picking the 7 Best Barcelona Bars

Deciding where to meet for a drink in Barcelona can be a bit of a challenge. This is why we've created this list showcasing the best bars where you can get wine, beer, cocktails, or vermouth.

We've taken a few other things into consideration, too, such as lighting, mood, menu, value for money, and of course - what tapas are available!

So, here are the best bars with a buzzing atmosphere and great drinks and food.

1. Banker's Bar


This bar is one of the most beautiful ones in Barcelona. Its ceiling is actually made from old safety deposit boxes, which allude to the location's past as a bank.

The atmosphere here is quite unique, but there's a lot more to this great cocktail bar. 

The drinks list is pretty impressive, with many originals you shouldn't miss. If you're looking for a bite, the bar has several delicious snacks, salads, and cakes.


Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 38-40, 08007 Barcelona.

Opening hours: Sun to Thu: 5 pm - 1 am. Fri and Sat: 5 pm - 2 am.

2. Negroni Cocktail Bar


Negroni is a popular bar with an excellent cocktail menu in the El Raval neighbourhood. It first opened its doors in 2004 as a cult place for drink lovers. One thing that sets this place apart: There is no menu!

The bar staff will have a chat with the guests and recommend them a cocktail according to their specific taste.

Which means you're always up for a surprise! Definitely, a must-visit if you're in Barcelona and want an authentic experience.


Address: Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 46, 08001 Barcelona.

Opening hours: Sun to Thu: 7 pm - 02:30 am. Fri and Sat: 7 pm - 3 am.

3. London Bar

Although there's little "London" in this Catalan bar, you'll surely find some interesting conversations here. London Bar is, in fact, the oldest bar in Barcelona!

It opened in 1910, and since then, it's been frequented by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, and Joan Miró.

Today, it's considered one of Barcelona's hidden gems, a place where you can order delicious cocktails and beers and enjoy them before or after a walk around El Born.


Address: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 34, 08001 Barcelona.

Opening hours: From 7 pm.

4. Bar del Pi


Bar del Pi serves traditional tapas and presents them in a uniquely picturesque environment that includes marble tables and mirrors behind the bar.

Bar del Pi has been run by the same family for over four generations and offers a traditional feel filled with local history. 

All tapas also include a tortilla and excellent service. If you are visiting this restaurant, don't miss the typical drinks or a glass of martini to accompany your tapas


Address: Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol, 1, 08002 Barcelona.

Opening hours: Sun to Thu: 12 pm - 11:30 pm. Mon: CLOSED. Fri and Sat: 12 pm - 12 am.

5. Bonavida Cocktail Bar

Bonavida is a popular locale in the Gothic Quarter, near Plaça de Catalunya. The food here is delicate and filling, and the servers are skilled in both serving impressive cocktails and recommending the perfect one for your taste.

The interior design is also stunning, with plants, wooden furniture, and exceptional lighting. A perfect bar in the Eixample district and a great place with fewer tourists and a lot of style.


Address: Carrer de Casp, 22, 08010 Barcelona.

Opening hours: Sun: 5 pm - 1 am. Mon: 9 am - 1 am. Tue to Fri: 9 am - 2 am. Sat: 4 pm - 2 am.

6. Paradiso


Paradiso is an award-winning cocktail and wine bar founded by Tuscan Giacomo Giannotti and hidden behind a pastrami bar. According to The World's 50 Best Bars, Paradiso is currently number one!

Here, you will find amazing service, wonderfully unique cocktails, and food served all night.

Plus, you might see the bartender and mixologist owner walking around - or, if not, then enjoy one of chef Gabriele Milani's Italo-Spanish dishes that make this restaurant unique.


Address: Carrer de Rera Palau, 4, 08003 Barcelona.

Opening hours: Sun: 4 pm - 1:30 am. Mon and Thu: 5 pm - 2:30 am. Tue and Wed: 5 pm - 2:30 am. Fri and Sat: 4 pm - 3 am.

7. La Confiteria


This bar is popular with the locals and also a great choice for visitors. It first opened its doors as a bakery shop in the basement. In 2014, a pair of cocktail "apasionados" saw this as the best spot to open a bar.

They refurbished the rooms and founded what is now considered one of the best bars in the entire city of Barcelona.

Today, you can enjoy a dry martini of one of their many unique cocktails accompanied by snacks, salads, and cheese.


Address: Carrer de Sant Pau, 128, 08001 Barcelona.

Opening hours: Sun: 5 pm - 1:15 am. Mon to Wed: 6 pm - 1:30 am. Thu: 6 pm - 2 am. Fri and Sat: 5 pm - 3 am.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Barcelona has the best nightlife?

For a thriving clubbing scene, Port Olimpic is unbeatable with its line-up of major beach clubs including Opium, Pacha, CDLC, Shoko, and Catwalk.

However, for bar enthusiasts, the Gothic Quarter, El Born, and Raval districts are brimming with some of the finest establishments the city has to offer.

Is Barcelona good for nightlife?

Absolutely! Barcelona stands tall as one of Spain's premier nightlife destinations.

Whether you're into beach clubs, intimate bars, upscale nightclubs, or boat parties, the city ensures an unforgettable night out for every reveler.

Is clubbing expensive in Barcelona?

Compared to renowned party hubs like Ibiza or Las Vegas, Barcelona offers a relatively affordable clubbing experience.

Entrance fees for popular venues like Opium Barcelona and Pacha Barcelona generally range from 10 to 25 Euros, while Sutton Club charges around 20 Euros. It's a great blend of quality and value.

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