The 6 Best Churros In Barcelona

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Published on August 6, 2023

Every city ought to have a must-try dish served at a simple pub packed with residents and trolled by camera-wielding visitors.

Fortunately, Barcelona has one, and while Spain isn't known for its breakfast and snacks, you can't leave without trying churros con chocolate straight from the fryer.

The origins of the now-ubiquitous churros con chocolate are unknown, but there's no denying that this is one of Spain's most delectable food and drink combos.

These churreras in Barcelona will not disappoint you whether you're seeking breakfast every morning, dessert, or a lunch snack. Let's see where we can get the best churros in Barcelona.

What exactly are churros?

Churros are elongated pieces of deep-fried dough topped in sugar, served hot, and directly from the fryer.

Even though they are great on their own, churros in Barcelona are served with a dish of velvety melted chocolate for dipping. Or you could drink. Or spooning anything into your mouth. Another successful mix.

What Are Churros

Where can you get the tastiest churros in Barcelona?

1. Granja Viader

Granja Viader barcelona

Photo via TimeOut

Fortunately, some customs, trends, and traditions never go out of vogue. In Barcelona, one of them is to have breakfast or a light lunch in just one of the city's ancient café bars known as Granja.

Granja Viader, which initially opened its doors in 1870, is a contender for the greatest churros in Barcelona with more than 150 years of churros-making expertise. They must be doing something right!

Granja Viader has an old-world and historic air to it, right down to the ceramic floor tiles and portraits of the family that has managed the business for generations.

This establishment is churros and chocolate Barcelona legend, and you sure can tell the moment you step in.

Granja Viader's churros are freshly and perfectly fried and served hot from the oil, topped with sugar - they have a crunchy exterior and a soft center.

And, of course, they serve churros with hot chocolate with a generous amount of cream if that's your thing.

The well known Cacaolat, Catalonia's special chocolate drink, is available, served cold or warm, and can be paired with Churro.

Order a 'suizo,' which is sweet, thick sipping chocolate served with unsweetened whipped cream.

Visit Granja Viader for some of the very best churros in Barcelona, as well as a mini-tour of traditional Catalan and Spanish food.

2. La Nena

La Nena Barcelona

Photo via La Nena

This Gracia cafe is a welcoming gathering place for friends and family to eat some of the most delectable churros. If you bring your children, there is also a playroom in the back.

This establishment does not serve alcohol, but who desires a drink when you can have freshly cooked churros?

Their churros are crispy, drizzled, and light, and they are served with a cup of rich hot chocolate. They make La Nena a must-stop for every churro connoisseur.

This café is always crowded, and it serves a wide variety of sandwiches, pastries, and drinks, as well as gluten-free bread for people who can't eat the delectable fried dough of a churro.

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3. Xurreria Trebol

Xurreria Trebol

Photo via TimeOut

This churrera lights brightly for anyone stumbling back from a night out in Gràcia. On Saturdays, this little shop can be accessed 24 hours a day since many partygoers like a delicious little bite on their walk home from the club.

Fresh and inexpensive churros con chocolate of all shapes and sizes are available, some filled with delectable creams, chocolate, or caramel.

If you wish to pair your churro with a Nutella, croquette, crisps, dulce de leche, or fritter, Xurreria Trebol provides many options.

Looking for churros in the vicinity of the Sagrada Familia? This is your greatest value-for-money option.

4. Comaxurros

Comaxurros barcelona

Photo via TripAdvisor

If you believe a churro's only companion is chocolate, prepare to be surprised.

A churrito bravo which is churros with patatas bravas sauce, churros with honey and cheese, churros with sobrassada - cured pork and paprika, as well as churros with ham and salmorejo which is cold bread and tomato soup are among the many variations on the basic pastry available at this churreria.

Comaxurros is the spot to go if you want to broaden your churro horizons. These guys are fresh to the churros game, but they're killing it.

They also possess their very own churros truck, which is cool. Don't worry, they still have the original chocolate ones.

5. Granja La Pallaresa

granja la pallaresa

Photo via Barna Centre

Granja La Pallaresa, located in the heart of Carrer de Petritxol, offers the atmosphere of a typical, old-world, neighborhood pub.

Despite its simple appearance, this restaurant is regarded for serving some of the greatest churros in Barcelona, as they've perfected the recipe after several decades in business.

This Barcelona dessert staple delivers fresh churros con chocolate, albeit with a little less sweet chocolate sauce for dipping.

Since 1947, it has served classic churros and rich, dark hot chocolate caliente coupled with freshly whipped cream known as a 'Suizo' - Swiss.

This is the ideal location in Barcelona to sample this classic addition to churros. It's also one of the places to try menjar blanc, almond cream with lemon and cinnamon.

Their crema catalana, the Catalan variant of crème brûlée, is said to be just as delicious as their assortment of fresh pastries.

This is also where you may enjoy rice pudding, flan, and ensamada, a sweet spiraled bread from Mallorca, Spain. These flaky and tasty pastries are a must-try when in Barcelona.

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6. Churreria Manuel San Roman

Xurrera Manuel San Román

Photo via Travelling Foodie

This Churreria Manuel San Roman had been in operation since 1969 and is dedicated to preserving the heritage. Over 50 years of creating churros have given this Eixample churrera a level of expertise that few can match.

San Roman's churros are handcrafted and fried with groundnut oil. On weekends and holidays, they also cook Porras and deep-fried salt cod fritters at 1 pm.

There is frequently a huge line of folks eager to get their churros here as their churros are quite tasty.

This famous Barcelona churro spot's continuous service is a terrific noon choice. Another excellent option for tasty-filled churros.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various types of churros in Spain?

In the culinary landscape of Spain, churros come in an array of shapes and sizes.

From the miniature, often knotted versions to the long and robust ones, these treats are diversely named, with monikers like "eringos" or "porras" in certain regions.

A quintessential breakfast delicacy, they are traditionally paired with thick hot chocolate, champurrado, dulce de leche, or café con leche.

Many churros also sport a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar on their golden-brown exteriors for an added touch of sweetness.

How much do churros cost in Spain?

When you stroll through the streets of Spain and step into a churrería, expect to part with approximately 4-5 Euros for a delightful serving of churros accompanied by a cup of rich hot chocolate.

Are churros salty or sweet?

Predominantly, churros lean towards the sweet spectrum, often dusted with cinnamon and sugar or paired with luscious dips.

This gives them a rightful place among beloved desserts.

However, their versatile nature allows for a savory twist as well. Infused with herbs or a dash of salt, they can be transformed into a savory treat, perfect for various occasions.

Are churros usually fried or baked?

Churros owe their crispy texture and golden hue to the deep-frying process.

Crafted from a straightforward dough blend of flour and boiling water, their creation is reminiscent of making choux pastry.

The frying gives them their characteristic crunch and allure.

Is it better to eat churros hot or cold?

While it's entirely possible to savor churros when they've cooled down, nothing quite matches the experience of biting into a fresh, warm churro.

Its crispy exterior paired with a soft, pillowy interior is a sensory delight best relished hot.

Conclusion - Best Churros In Barcelona

Many establishments in Barcelona make churros and hot chocolate - it's a standard! - as well as a few that specialize in this must-try dish.

When you're in Barcelona, you sure do know where to go for the tastiest churros and chocolate.

This is a one-way trip to sweet paradise: hot, crisp on the exterior, soft on the inside, and drowned in dark chocolate. Make a plan for your churros run ahead of time.

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