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Published on July 27, 2023

Sometimes only a tasty kebab will do to satisfy your hunger. So, where in Barcelona can you get the very best kebab Barcelona?

This article will provide you with various resources needed to help you find the Best Kebab Barcelona, including favorites such as El Cuiner de Damasc, Bismillah Kebabish, and La Caravana.

Interesting Facts about Barcelona Kebab

1. Typically, the meat is chicken or beef.

2. In some places, lamb, turkey, and pork are also used.

3. The durum wrap is usually thin.

4. Shawarmas, durums, and pita bread are the most common types of kebabs.

5. Shawarma is typically served on thicker bread.

6. Some kebab restaurants make their bread, and the difference is noticeable.

Where Can You Get the Best Kebabs in Barcelona?

1. Sannin

Sannin best kebabs in barcelona

Photo via Sannin

This is an established Lebanese restaurant in Gracia, close to the Joanic metro station. Sannin has been making delicacies for many years, and it has a long record of being among the pioneers in the doner kebab industry in Barcelona.

The menu includes many authentic meals, but the highlight is the incredible shawarmas made with the most succulent lamb meat.

You can also try their falafel or the amazing homemade hummus, which can be eaten hot or cold.

The thin bread used for the doner kebab is unlike any other. This hidden gem is worth seeking out, with its fresh salad, yogurt, and juicy lamb.

2. Bismilla Kebabish

Bismilla kebabish barcelona

Photo via TripAdvisor

Bismillah occupies a spot at Raval's lively Joaqun Costa street, about a five-minute stroll from La Rambla. The street is lined with kebab shops, and yet Bismilla stands out.

Their meat is marinated overnight to give it a rich flavor. There is a choice of beef or chicken. The naan bread is baked right in front of your eyes in a tandoor oven.

The shawarma, which combines that incredibly flavorful meat with salad in a piece of extremely thick warm naan bread, is without a doubt one of the best kebab in Barcelona.

When you add homemade garlic or spicy sauce, it takes it to the next level. There is a wide seating area that can still get extremely overcrowded.

Curries are also available, but the kebab meat reigns supreme.

3. Bella Instabul

Bella Instabul

Photo via TripAdvisor

Bella Istanbul is an excellent Turkish restaurant with delectable cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere. The staff is knowledgeable and pleasant, and the restaurant is well-kept.

It's ideal for anyone in search of high-quality Turkish doner kebab or food in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

4. El Cuiner de Damasc

El Cuiner de Damasc barcelona

Photo via BCN Restaurantes

This El Cuiner de Damasc is a legendary Syrian doner kebab shop in the Born neighborhood. The outer part of this old building is adorned with brightly colored murals. Inside, you'll find one of Barcelona's best shawarmas and falafels.

The meat used in preparing their doner kebab is turkey and lamb, wrapped in homemade bread flavored with lime, coriander, cinnamon, and gherkins, to name a few. You have the choice to either take out or eat in.

5. Silan

Silan restaurant in Barcelona

Photo via Foursquare

Silan, an Israeli restaurant, is a city favorite for its homemade bread and superb Middle Eastern cuisine.

The deconstructed kebab is something they serve. It consists of spiced minced beef on a plate with yogurt, mint, tahini, and onions.

To fill the bread provided, you assemble and mix the kebabs yourself. It is the priciest doner kebab in its neighbourhood.

However, the flavors and quantity make it well worth it. The portions are ideal, and the staff is friendly and attentive.

6. La Caravana

La Caravana Barcelona

Photo via Uber Eats

La Caravana is a well-known doner kebab restaurant that has been serving Barcelona for more than 30 years and is still run by the same owner. That proves they're doing something right.

Their doner kebab is one of the best kebabs in Barcelona, and both meat eaters and vegetarians enjoy them.

There are also a variety of meze dishes, shawarmas, and grilled meats to choose from. The shawarmas are wrapped in fresh homemade naan bread.

Meat options include beef, lamb, chicken, and turkey, a unique combination that has been a customer favorite since the beginning. You can also try their baklava dessert - it's delectable!

Meat rice, hummus, and salad are included in combo plates. Durum kebab is also available.

When durum gets filled with top-quality meat, as at La Caravana, and topped with a homemade spicy sauce, you can tell the difference between it and your average kebab joint.

7. Zeeshan Kebabish

Zeeshan Kebabish barcelona

Photo via Zeeshan Kebabish website

Zeeshan Kebabish is a Pakistani restaurant that serves delicious dishes at reasonable prices, making it ideal for Muslim budget travelers.

Their kebab and other food are halal, quite simple and delicious. Their pay is reasonable, and the portions are large.

The atmosphere is quite relaxing, making it an excellent choice for a meal with friends or family.

8. Kapadokya

Kapadokya barcelona restaurant

Photo via Yelp

This Turkish restaurant is suitable for both a sit-down dinner and a quick doner kebab. The price for excellent kebab, beverages, food, and vegetables is quite reasonable.

There is also a large selection of Mediterranean appetizers such as stuffed vine leaves, pita, among others.

You have the option of getting the super durum with cheese along with two types of meat. Baklava is a must-have dessert. They also have a branch at Rambla del Raval location in El Raval.

9. Musta Shawarma

Musta shawarma barcelona

Photo via Spotted By Locals

Musta Shawarma is a popular kebab joint, down the path from La Caravana, offering fresh beef, lamb, or chicken.

The falafel restaurant serves some of the best kebabs in Barcelona, and its artisan meat spits are unmatched.

The main draw is the shawarmas or pita bread, which comes with various kinds of sauces to add spice.

It's well-known for its top-notch falafel, which is taste-tested by a large number of customers before being served to them.

Musta has special diets that are halal and vegetarian-friendly.

10. The Quick Greek

The Quick Greek

The Quick Greek is a chain of restaurants in Barcelona that serves delicious gyros as well as incredible kebabs. Their locations include Poble Sec, Gracia, Madrid, Poble Nou, and Muntaner.

From the Greek white and blue styling of the restaurants to the ingredients used, everything about this restaurant is fresh, clean, and well-lit, making it a great place to eat.

Thick pita with chicken, beef, or pork fillings is available. Vegetarians are not forgotten at The Quick Greek.

Falafel, hummus, halloumi, and courgette croquet wrapped in pita are also available. Other Greek dishes include moussaka and desserts like baklava.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most commonly used doner kebab meat?

A traditional doner kebab meat is lamb. In recent years, chicken and falafels have become popular ingredients for kebabs. Doner kebabs are made with halal lamb and other natural flavoring ingredients.

Is shawarma a type of kebab meat?

Kebab is made from breadcrumbs or flour, ground meat, and various spices and is cooked in a frying pan, grill, or tandoor, whereas shawarma is a kebab variant made from vertically roasted meat.

Are kebabs nutritious?

Since they aren't deep-fried and come with bread and salad, kebabs are a more healthy fast-food option. However, kebab meat contains fat, the amount of which varies based on the meat used.

Wrap up - Best Kebab Barcelona

There's always something for everyone in Barcelona, so if you're in search of an authentic, high-quality, and the best kebab in Barcelona, along with a beautiful setting and friendly service, the kebab restaurants listed above will give you that needed satisfactory feeling.

Bon appetite!

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