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Published on April 19, 2023

When visiting Spain, one must eat paella. It is as crucial as drinking Guinness in Dublin or pizza in Naples. If your taste buds don't like it during your first attempt, there's a likelihood that you have yet to find a good paella.

If it sounds like the idea is being forced down your throat, it comes from a genuine concern to ensure that you experience great paella.

It also communicates how eating paella in Barcelona is like a ritual. After all, Barcelona restaurants have been cooking paella and other seafood for a long time, and have therefore become quite good at it.

The Best Paella Barcelona prepare great food and use fresh ingredients to ensure it is tasty.

The 5 Best Paella Barcelona

Even though locals in Barcelona will insist that their rice dishes are the best, we'll let you be the judge of that.

We will help first-time visitors to the Catalan capital identify the best paella restaurants. Here they are:

#1: La Mar Salada

La Mar Salada

La Mar Salada is a paella restaurant situated in La Barceloneta. It's the best place to find authentic paella and fresh seafood of the highest quality.

They are very particular about how their goods are handled, and daily fresh fish deliveries are proof of this. 

They work hard to prepare and serve delicious, original cuisine. Black rice with artichokes and cuttlefish and the catch of the day in "paella del senyoret" are the menu's two standout dishes.

If the food at La Mar Salada deosn't impress you, one of their lauded desserts surely will.

#2: El Racó de L'Agüir

El Raco de LAguir

Since its opening in 1990, El Racó de l'Agüir has served customers rice dishes in the style of Alicante at market pricing. They have various dishes, including meat paellas, vegetable paellas, and seafood paellas.

Their food is delicious, so take advantage of the staff's kind words and suggestions for the best paella to suit your tastes.

#3: Camping Mar

This most recent addition to restaurants serving the best paellas in Barcelona has nothing to do with camping. The En Compania de Lobos crew has created a classy restaurant.

When you place an order, you can expect to be served within a few minutes because the staff knows what they are doing and believes in their skills.

The restaurant also has an aesthetically pleasing view. Their landscape designers and architects made the space feel novel and extraordinary.

Also, their dishes have a modern twist and use seasonal ingredients, like the salad of braised leeks with burrata.

#4: Pez Vela

This paella restaurant is close to the striking W Hotel's steel and glass "sail" building. Planters with dwarf fig trees and swaying grasses make it hard for outsiders to see indoors.

The restaurant overlooks the lively Barceloneta beach and belongs to the popular local dining establishment, Tragaluz.

Join your friends for traditional Spanish gastronomy and breathtaking views at this trendy new restaurant. Their prices for vegetarian paella and seafood paella are very pocket-friendly.

The most stylish travelers opt for seafood paella at this facility. The W Hotel is right next door and is a great place to spend the night because of its prime beachfront location. Nightlife is also available at the W Hotel's very own club.

#5: La Fonda

La Fonda Best Paella Barcelona

This paella restaurant in Barcelona has special rice dishes that will fill you up for less than ten pounds per person.

They serve generous portions of tasty rice and delicious paella, including fish paellas. They are one of few establishments that also offers a comprehensive children's menu. 

Even though it looks like a place for tourists, locals come here every day because it's close to the busy Rambla.

The traditional paella Valenciana, which includes rabbit and chicken, is a local favorite. The informal restaurant is perfect for those looking to save money and hit the town in the Gotico.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most famous paella?

The pinnacle of paella is undoubtedly the 'Paella Valenciana'.

Hailing from the Region of Valencia, this dish boasts a unique blend of green beans, chicken, rabbit, 'garrofón' (a type of large butter bean), tomatoes, and the precious saffron.

Its rich authenticity has earned it a special denomination of origin.

How much should I pay for paella in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, a typical paella will set you back between €15 and €25 per person. For budget-seekers, Restaurante Arume Barcelona offers exceptional value, with paellas priced under €15. Some spots even serve this delicacy for about €10.

Why is paella so expensive?

The price tag of paella can be attributed to its premium ingredients. Key components like quality rice, the rare saffron spice, and assorted seafood can elevate costs.

Additionally, the intricate preparation process, which demands time and expertise, further justifies the expense.


Up to this point, you have identified some of the restaurants for the best paella in Barcelona.

When you visit Barcelona, tour different local places and eat an authentic paella dish ranging from arroz al horno to arroz negro.

In a restaurant like La Barceloneta, the menu is extensive with meals like arroz meloso, mussels, and squid ink.

Also, enjoy rice dishes such as soupy rice, creamy rice, or black rice. Apart from a rice dish, try other cooked dishes like paella de marisco or sea urchin fresh from the Mediterranean Sea.

Following this guide is a good sign you will have the best paella in Barcelona. 

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