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Published on April 19, 2023

Barcelona in March presents a delightful blend of early spring vibes and fewer tourist crowds. As the city shakes off its winter chill, blossoming trees and sun-kissed boulevards beckon travelers. 

Whether you're drawn to its iconic landmarks or vibrant local festivals, March offers a unique window to experience Barcelona's charm.

Dive into our comprehensive guide to make the most of your visit during this enchanting month.

What Makes Barcelona Unique In March?

In March, the snowy days of winter fade away in Barcelona, and life fills the streets. The spring season arrives with moderate temperatures and lots of sunshine, a pleasant transition into a summer season here in Catalonia's capital.

Although Barcelona in March is the tourism season and technically off-season, there is still plenty to do for both visitors and locals.

It's also the ideal time for beer lovers to actively engage in the Barcelona beer festival while enjoying the culture and experiencing the Spanish aesthetic lifestyle without navigating crowds of tourists.

Visiting Barcelona in March is a good time because the city will be preparing for its tourist season. So pleasant weather without crowds of people will make the experience more pleasurable.

What Makes Barcelona Unique In March

In Barcelona in March, days are assumed to be long and sunny, making it a great moment to explore the Mediterranean sea by swimming, kayaking, or surfing.

The perfect weather also lets you tour the architectural masterpieces and relax in the city passes numerous cafes to your heart's content.

Since there are fewer tourists, the best of Barcelona in March can be experienced by strolling around the multi-hued street-ways at your own pace while relaxing in the happy aura of the place.

Weather In Barcelona in March

Barcelona in March is relatively warm as it is the time when the city begins to shed its winter coat or warm clothes.

The maximum daytime or average high temperature of Barcelona weather in March is around 60°F/16°C, while the average minimum temperature is everywhere 44°F/7°C. Every day, there will be an average of 6 hours of sunshine.

Over ten days in March, the average rainfall is about 33 mm, the sea temperature is an average low 13.3°C/55.9°F, and the daily wind speed is 12 km/h.

Barcelona in March: Energizing Festivals

1. Sweet Festival/Sant Medir Festival/Festa De Sant Medir

In early March, precisely on March 3rd, a colorful cavalcade of horses, trucks, carts, and carriages will ride through the roads of Barcelona's Gràcia neighborhood to the Hermitage of Sant Medir, in whose commemoration the day is being celebrated.

People would throw candies and sweet treats to eager audiences while enjoying the music and fireworks display that has become synonymous with the Sant Medir Festival.

At night, a candlelit ceremony is held in Pla De Salmerón, where the mayor and other prominent people greet everyone.

2. Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patricks Day Barcelona

Irish communities across the world observe this day. Barcelona, too! While it is not a local custom, it is an excellent opportunity to engage in some fun!

On March 17th, Irish pubs in Barcelona throw on spectacular St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Whether you're Irish or not, you can join in the fun by dressing in green and orange and visiting the city's best Irish pubs.

Prepare for native Irish dancing, live music, and social gatherings.

3. Major Del Pi Or Sant Josep Oriol's Day

Most people think the central part of the Barcelona Old Town, between Via Laietana and La Rambla, is called Barri Gòtic. However, this area is subdivided into different quarters.

The Barri del Pi, located near La Rambla, around the Santa Maria del Pi church, is one of them. The neighborhood's main festival is held on the feast day of Saint Joseph Oriol, a preacher in Santa Maria del Pi who is said to have conducted several miracles.

During those days, the Giants of the Pine Tree, Catalonia's oldest traditional giants, presided over numerous parades.

Another well-known local from the early 1600s is Perot Lo Lladre, also known as Perot Rocaguinarda. He distributes chocolate coins.

Barcelona in March: Self-Reflection Attractions

1. La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is a massive masterpiece church developed by architect Antoni Gaudi and is one of the most famous attractions in Barcelona.

The cathedral's grandeur is incredible inside and out, and visitors will awaken. The exterior of the Sagrada Familia consists of three facades with bell towers.

The interior design of the cathedral will astound you once you step inside, as the design mimics nature. Once the sunlight hits the colored mosaics, the cathedral will put on a spectacular light show.

2. The Park Güell

The Park Güell

Park Güell is a well-known Barcelona attraction that spans 18 acres of steep terrain. The mosaic park is situated in the northern region of Carmel Hill.

The mosaic dragon fountain, El Drac Salamander, will welcome you as you enter the park with its vibrant colors.

It also contains some of Gaudi's most famous works, such as the Guardian House and the Dragon Stairs.

In March, a leisurely stroll around the Park Guell garden will be the ideal way to appreciate the pleasant fusion of nature and art.

3. Barcelona-Sitges Rally

Barcelona-Sitges Rally

Enthusiasts of vintage cars can marvel and cheer at the vintage beauties that take part in the Barcelona-Sitges Rally.

Now in its 60th edition, the festival provides a platform for participants from all over Spain and Europe to display their automobile designs that have existed for centuries.

4. Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens Barcelona In March

This project began as a residential building for Manuel Vicens. Casa Vicens, with its oriental and neoclassical design and construction, is a great place to visit in Barcelona as March starts.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site now serving as a museum owing to its cultural and architectural significance.

Like all of Gaudi's works, Casa Vicens draws heavily on nature for inspiration. Plants, flowers, and leaves are used to decorate the interiors. You'll notice a natural conceptual design as you move from room to room.

5. Camp Nou

Camp Nou Barcelona In March

Camp Nou is the home stadium of FC Barcelona. A tour to Camp Nou in March is the toast of Barcelona tourism for a football fan.

It captures the euphoria and enthusiasm of several competitive matches played here and is a must-see for all football fans. You can say Camp Nou is a Picasso museum of football in Barcelona.

6. Barcelona Aquarium

The world's largest Mediterranean-themed aquarium, a day trip to the Barcelona Aquarium takes you through diverse ecosystems ranging from tropical oceans to coral reefs.

You can walk through an underwater tunnel filled with fish, such as eels, stingrays, and sharks. Feeding penguin is a must-do activity during your visit here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It A Great Time To Visit Barcelona In March?

Visiting Barcelona in March is a great idea, especially towards the month's end when the weather is warm and not oppressive.

Furthermore, Barcelona in March doesn't see many tourists, allowing you great excuse to save money since you can find great deals on lodging.

Any Recommendations For A Trip To Barcelona?

When visiting Barcelona in March, purchasing your tickets in advance is best, so you do not waste time waiting in line.

Even as Barcelona is a convenient and safe city, we strongly advise that you remain vigilant to avoid being taken advantage of.

How Long Should I Stay In Barcelona In March To Fully Enjoy It?

We recommend staying in Barcelona for a month in March to fully appreciate the events, cityscapes, outdoor concerts, attractions, and cultural festivals.

However, if this is not feasible, we suggest staying for at least two weeks to explore Barcelona, relish it, and have a wonderful experience.

Is It Expensive To Visit Barcelona in March?

Compared to the bustling summer months, visiting Barcelona in March can be more cost-effective. While summer is peak tourist season with elevated prices, March falls within the shoulder season.

This means accommodation, attractions, and sometimes even dining can be available at reduced rates. However, it's always wise to budget and plan accordingly to maximize your experience.

Final Thoughts

March is a fantastic time to visit Barcelona because of its season timing, nice weather, great ideas, and incredible event lineup, such as the Barcelona beer festival.

Given how long you intend to stay in Barcelona in March, there is always more to do. 

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