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April 19, 2023
Hermillis H.

When is the best time of year to visit Barcelona? Anytime, in our opinion! Barcelona is a beautiful city with plenty of options to keep tourists occupied throughout the entire year.

However, you need to consider all of the important factors before deciding which month would be the best time to visit Barcelona.

If you dislike crowds and heat, you should avoid the high tourist season and visit in winter or early fall when the average temperature cools down, and the majority of tourists leave.

If you're here to party, then visiting Barcelona in the summer and the high season will be a dream come true.

Average Temperatures

The warm weather is one of the biggest attractions for tourists, but peak season means long lines, crowds, and traffic that require a lot of patience.

The mid-July humidity can be taxing for some, but the sea temperatures go up as well, which makes it perfect for holidaymakers that want to relax on the beach. 

Average Temperatures in Barcelona

Barcelona begins to cool down in October, with the October average temperature hovering around the 63°F-mark for most of the month.

Temperatures dip to as low as 46°F in December and January, with heavy winds and rain showers, which doesn't make for pleasant sightseeing experiences.

Spring and autumn months have more pleasant temperatures, with a May and June average temperature of around 72°F and an early September average temperature of 77°F and below.

If you dislike hot weather and crowds, the off-season is the best time to visit Barcelona.

Tourist Season

Tourist Season in Barcelona

The tourist season in Barcelona typically runs from June to August, with the peak of tourist crowds being in July and August. Early summer can be quite hot, and it's difficult to find accommodation.

However, this is when the city's most famous and beloved major festivals and events take place, including the Barcelona Carnival and the Santa Eulalia Festival.

You can also take advantage of the many summer sales in the city, enjoy outdoor concerts and outdoor events, and go swimming in the pleasantly cool Mediterranean sea. 

Rock Fest Barcelona usually takes place in late June or early July and is a great event if you want to see local or global acts in action.

In August, the Gothic Quarter celebrates the Festa de Sant Roc in front of the iconic Barcelona Cathedral, which is a sight you do not want to miss!

While the August average temperature is around 80°F, bear in mind temperatures can climb as high as 99°F. If you want to enjoy sunny weather without crowds, plan a visit in late spring instead.

Shoulder Season

Shoulder Season Barcelona

The shoulder seasons, which include the months of April, May, September, and October, can be a more pleasant time to visit Barcelona, with balmy temperatures, fun events, and fewer crowds.

It's a good time to enjoy Barcelona like a local, whether you are sipping hot chocolate at the famous Christmas markets or gently sailing over the city in hot air balloons.

The Spanish Grand Prix takes place at Circuit de Catalunya in late April or early May, which is a must for motorsport fans.

This is also the time of year when Barcelonians celebrate the Sant Jordi Festival (the city's patron saint), a commemoration of the knight George of Cappadocia.

Low Season

Low Season Barcelona

The low season includes November and March. The weather is cool but still mild compared to other European cities, which can be quite frosty in early March or late November.

But avoiding the tourist seasons means you have the space to enjoy the streets of Barcelona, including the famous Holy Week (Semana Santa), which lends a calm and festive spirit to the city. 

If you don't like heat or crowds, the low season can be the best time to visit Barcelona. Bear in mind that the November average temperature can dip below 55°F, so you will need to pack accordingly!

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Bottom Line Best Time to Visit Barcelona

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

Your personal preferences should decide when you visit the incredible city of Barcelona.

The summer months bring heat, humidity, and crowds, but also incredible festivals, water sports, and outdoor fun and activities. Winter is colder but also calmer, with charming markets and festivals to enjoy. 

The months in between offer fine weather and a relaxed atmosphere for tourists that want to explore the sights of the city at their leisure. We stand by our earlier point: anytime is a great time to visit Barcelona!

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