Best Seafood Restaurant in Barcelona

Best Seafood Restaurant in Barcelona
April 19, 2023
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Barcelona is home to a large number of Europe's finest restaurants. There are many kinds of fusion cuisine worldwide, from Spanish and Catalan to Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and more. But no matter the diversity of cuisines, seafood seems constant.

Because Barcelona is on the Mediterranean Sea, it has a lot of high-quality seafood. Considering how much better fresh seafood is than frozen, it is fair to treat yourself while you have such a wide selection available.

Seafood Restaurants in Barcelona

Here is a review of the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona that you should explore on your next trip.


Botafumeiro Best Seafood Restaurant in Barcelona

Botafumeiro gets its name from the symbol of a censer used to welcome pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. It is one of the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona, among the most prestigious seafood restaurants.

The food is a fusion of Catalan and Cantabrian gastronomy, and their fresh fish comes in daily from the best catches in the Mediterranean.

Large platters heaped with lobster, crab, and other fresh fish are served by their waiting staff. They also have some impressive wine varieties on their wine list.

They also have a lot of great rice dishes, like the fantastic "arròs caldós," and plenty of grilled, steamed, roast, and fried fish.

The kitchen is always open, so there's no need to wait for locals to get hungry. After your meal, you can take some time to explore the Gracia neighborhood's lively plazas.

El Nacional

El Nacional Best Seafood Restaurant in Barcelona

As is widely known, oysters are commonly believed to stimulate libido. Bring your significant other to El Nacional to see if your suspicions are justified.

El Nacional is a restaurant chain located in a converted garage with one of the famous tapas bars. 

It features:

  • Meat restaurant

  • Tapas bar

  • Oyster bar

Set yourself at ease on a stool and peruse the menu for special oyster dishes and accompaniments.

The Oyster Bar at El Nacional is a must-visit if the idea of a seafood meal with a glass of champagne and freshly shucked oysters appeals to you.

La Mar Salada Restaurant

La Mar Salada Restaurant

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La Mar Salada is a good se afood restaurant, ideal for a seafood lover. From how it appears, it fits among major tourist destinations and the best restaurants in Barcelona. Apart from their creative dishes, their staff provides extremely attentive service.

Relax at a table inside the bright, white space or on the intimate outdoor patio overlooking the Mediterranean.

What an eclectic and lively ambiance! It's no secret that the family-run La Mar Salada is among the best seafood restaurants in town. 

The fresh razor fish, monkfish, prawns, and "de senyoret" rice dish highlight the restaurant's delicious paella and stews. All their patrons highly recommend these creative seafood dishes.

The owners also take care of the marine products caught a few meters from their front door.

Can Ros, a more traditional and affordable option in the neighborhood, is also owned by the same family. 

Restaurante La Barceloneta

The name of this family-owned business comes from the historic fishing district in which it is located.

Restaurante La Barceloneta is a very authentic local restaurant you should visit to eat seafood and other innovative dishes.

After spending the day at the beach, you should head there for the best seafood dishes. 

Many visitors to Barcelona visit La Barceloneta, one of the city's most renowned fish restaurants.

Its location among the Marina Port Vell docks makes it a go-to for families on the weekends and businesspeople during the weekdays.

The fish restaurant is known for its grilled fish, seafood, and authentic seafood paella.


Terraza Martínez

Terraza Martínez

Terraza Martinez is a delicious seafood restaurant overlooking the sea. It may take some effort to get to Martinez, located on Montjuïc hill to the southwest of the city center.

Still, once you get there, you'll enjoy breathtaking views of Barcelona, the Mediterranean, and the lively port below.

Its interior has an intimate and informal setting and a large terrace with umbrellas dotted here and there. 

The Martinez rice, a Valencian-style paella with pieces of rabbit and chicken, stands out among the other interesting paellas.

The vegetarian paella on the market-based menu comprises various seasonal produce. Other options include the rich, meaty bone marrow rice, which is perfect for the colder season.


Conclusion: Best Seafood Restaurants

The number of amazing seafood eateries keeps growing, and we know we'll have to update the blog post soon.

With seafood lovers in mind, what we have shared are select seafood restaurants that serve good seafood and other delicious food.

The ones in this article are the leading seafood restaurants and serve only the freshest seafood. Besides the amazing fish dishes, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Barcelona!

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