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Published on August 17, 2023

Barcelona, Spain, has earned its reputation as one of Europe's most picturesque destinations. 

The Spanish metropolis is renowned for a vast variety of historical attractions and masterpieces of architecture and is situated amid the rivers Llobregat and Bess. 

You must, however, be thinking about where to grab a meal in Barcelona after all that touring and sightseeing.

Interestingly, Barcelona is also an excellent location to discover wonderful food because there are so many fresh ingredients there and it has that distinct Catalan flavor. 

Thankfully, there are lots of choices available in Barcelona for that. These are the top-ranking restaurants to visit if you are interested in trying some of the most excellent Northern and Catalan cuisine.

Top 7 best Vegetarian Restaurants In Barcelona

Barcelona, which is renowned for its thriving culinary scene, provides a wide variety of vegetarian food choices. 

This city offers a variety of options that will undoubtedly entice your taste buds, regardless if you're an avid vegetarian or just interested in learning more about plant-based food. 

Here are some of Barcelona's top vegetarian restaurants, which range from quaint cafes to elegant dining establishments.

Teresa Carles

Teresa Carles

Photo via Teresa Carles

Teresa Carles is an outstanding vegetarian restaurant that prides itself on using fresh, in-season ingredients to create inventive plant-forward dishes. 

It would be the very first place I'd choose to make a reservation for dinner on every visit to Barcelona.

For more than 35 years, this renowned restaurant has been providing delectable vegetarian and vegan meals.  

It's challenging not to adore its vegetarian prix-fixe lunch menu, which offers replaceable courses including a startling appetizer and main dish, a main course and a dessert, or all three of them together with wines by the glass. 

They are currently offering meals that highlight summer flavors, such as nectarine-cucumber gazpacho, sautéed veggies with black garlic and almonds, and a Spanish variation on black forest cake alongside chocolate and cherry jam. 

And all three are available for less than €15. Make sure to sample their delectable pastries and exceptional cold-pressed juices.



Photo via Rasoterra

Rasoterra, located in the Barri Gotic (Barrio Gótico), is another establishment that is highly recommended for its vegetarian set meal. It is a secret haven for fans of vegetarian cuisine. 

 Rasoterra has a seasonal cuisine that is updated frequently and emphasizes using organic and indigenous ingredients. 

Their tasting menu, which is now available for €29, includes dishes that combine traditional Spanish cuisine with foreign flavors (such as purple tortillas made from corn and seaweed tempura). 

The inherent flavors of the grains, veggies, and legumes are highlighted in their creative meals, which satisfy and impress customers.

Flax & Kale

Flax Kale

Photo via Flax & Kale

There are several Flax & Kale establishments throughout the Barcelona and Madrid areas. 

Their extensive menu features anything from kale chips to a giant vegan mezze platter (for splitting!) to vegan tacos, and they promote themselves as a "healthy flexitarian" choice. 

They even have a children's menu, which is unusual in Spain. Consider arriving early every Sunday to Thursday afternoon for the Flax & Kale special, a "healthy cheerful day" with reduced rates on tapas-style nibbles and, yep, kombucha drinks. 

This restaurant also provides a varied menu to accommodate different dietary habits. 

Their exquisitely prepared meals, such as salads packed with healthy ingredients and zucchini noodles, are a visual and gustatory treat

Cat Bar

Cat Bar is the ideal location for people looking for a relaxed ambiance and more informal dining. 

In a laid-back atmosphere, customers may enjoy a variety of vegetable-based burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers at this vegetarian and vegan pub. 

Several different kinds of vegetable burgers are served at this vegan burger joint, along with complimentary fries, salads, and beverages.  

Their "cactus" burger has genuine cactus together with avocado and additional toppings, while their "red" burger has normal salsa brava (similar to what you would get with patatas bravas).  

For a truly pleasurable evening, think about combining your meal with one of their artisan beers or crisp cocktails.


Biocenter Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Barcelona

Photo via Biocenter

As one of Barcelona's earliest vegetarian restaurants, Biocenter commenced operation in 1980. 

The majority of tourists enjoy coming during lunch because they can order a "completo" or "combinando" with regard to how hungry they are. 

Depending on your current state of appetite, you can select a starter (from the soup or salad station), a main course, a plate of your choice, and possibly a dessert. 

This beautiful restaurant also offers a sizable selection of vegetarian and vegan cuisine, such as filling soups, inventive salads, and hearty main courses. 

Biocenter offers a warm environment for a great lunch with its cozy interior and helpful personnel. By the way, they also have a terrace.  



Photo via Vegetalia

Barcelona is home to two Vegetalia outlets, one situated in El Born while the other is in the Barri Gotic. 

In Barcelona's vegan culinary environment, Vegetalia is a widely recognized establishment. 

This network of restaurants offers a large selection of organically produced vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Vegetalia offers a variety of recipes to suit a variety of tastes and nutritional needs, from robust grain-based platters to comfortable pasta dishes.


Govinda Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Barcelona

Photo via Govinda

Govinda is a superb option if you're craving vegetarian Indian food. This vegetarian eatery in the Raval district offers mouthwatering Indian dishes with a vegetarian flair. 

The food menu at Govinda is a treat for fans of Indian cuisine and features a wide variety of dishes, from savory sauces and flavorful biryanis to delectable samosas.

They have been serving robust Indian food, pizza, and an impressive salad bar in Barcelona since the 1980s. As their food portions are generous, go when you've built up an appetite that is substantial or with a large group of buddies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona require bookings?

Both the restaurant and the moment of day will determine this. Particularly during prime meal times, reputable vegetarian restaurants can become rather busy.

It is advised to make reservations, especially if you plan on going on a weekend or a major holiday.

Are vegetarian eateries in Barcelona reasonably priced?

Numerous vegetarian eateries in Barcelona are available at different price ranges.

While some restaurants offer economical options for consumers with limited finances, others could offer a more elegant eating experience at a greater cost. In general, the city has vegetarian eateries for all price ranges.

Are there vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona that can meet special dietary needs or food allergies?

In Barcelona, vegetarian eateries are frequently accommodating to dietary constraints and allergies.

They typically include a list of the ingredients used throughout their recipes and have menu items that are clearly marked for frequent allergies.

However, it is recommended to let the restaurant personnel know about your unique dietary requirements so that they can help you accordingly.

Can I get alcohol in vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona?

Absolutely, a lot of Barcelona's vegetarian restaurants provide a variety of alcohol-based beverages, such as beers and wines, and cocktails.

Certain establishments might also include alternatives without alcohol like milkshakes and homemade juices.

Are there any vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona that offer gluten-free food?

Indeed, yes, a number of vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona have separate gluten-free cuisines or at least provide gluten-free alternatives.

When booking reservations, it's usually advantageous to confirm the details with the restaurant in advance and let them know that you have special dietary requirements.

Wrap up - Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Barcelona

In conclusion, we have answers to all of your food-related questions in Barcelona. Therefore, I urge you to try one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona mentioned above.

These restaurants have taken vegetarian eating to new heights with their flavorful, inventive food and warm, welcoming settings. 

Perhaps you want to sample some traditional Catalan cuisine or you are looking for something completely different. You will undoubtedly savor each and every bite of your meal, regardless of your preference.

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