Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona

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Published on April 19, 2023

Barcelona is known for its world-class cuisine. Visitors to this magnificent city can look forward to classic tapas from some of the best tapas bars in the world, serving up traditional tapas meals like patatas bravas (fried potatoes), fried anchovies, and a selection of meats, cheese, and olives.

Barcelona tapas bars are known and celebrated internationally, so if you are planning a trip to Barcelona anytime soon, we have reviewed three of the Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona that you simply must visit.

The 3 Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is filled with tapas bars, so whether you are looking for more affordable dishes or want to splurge on some of the best tapas in Barcelona, there is an option for everyone.

Typical tapas dishes include seafood paella, fried potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce, and simple tapas that include good food and good wine.

Here are our top three restaurant choices for tempting tapas in Barcelona.

#1: La Boqueria Market

La Boqueria Market

Located in the iconic Las Ramblas in bustling Barcelona, the market serves up both traditional dishes as well as cold tapas.

Snack on small dishes of cured meats, tasty olives and fried potatoes paired with only the best wine at a counter seating setting. 

The market is a big tourist attraction, and is the perfect place to enjoy a meal and some people watching.


#2: Bar La Plata

This beautiful Spanish tapas bar is located in the Gothic Quarter, and has served up the same four classic dishes since its opening in 1945.

A favorite of many famous chefs like Anthony Bourdain and Ferran Adria, this bar is known for its amazing foods and tasty wines.

Drink red wine straight from the barrel as you savor the restaurant's menu that includes tapas favorites like deep fried sardines and the Catalan classic, botifarra.

Seating is available inside the bar, or on a nice terrace where you can enjoy your tapas with a view. Bar La Plata is rated as one of the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona, and is a must visit for locals and tourists alike.


#3: Mont Bar

Mont Bar Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona

The only Michelin Star restaurant on our list, this restaurant is home to tapas made using seasonal mushrooms and other fresh produce.

The menu is vast, and has a variety of options that include steak tartare, seafood, razor clams, oysters, and more.

Grab a beer or a glass of the house special as you tuck into a meal of salted cod or baby squid at this incredible Barcelona tapas restaurant tucked away in the city.

If you prefer lighter meals, head off the beaten path and be sure to visit one of the many pintxo bars in and around Barcelona.

A pintxo bar is another great option for great food, and can be found at just about any bar in the city.

These restaurants are great value for money, and have a wide variety of other dishes you can try.


Tapas Menu Favorites

Tapas Menu Favorites

Tapas is a popular option for Spanish dinner time, and finding a tapas restaurant is relatively easy in this city that is rich in architecture and good quality food. Visit any tapas bar in Barcelona and you are sure to experience good service.

Some of the more common Barcelona tapas favorites include Russian salad, Galician octopus or pulpo gallego, foie gras, and of course a good old Spanish omelet.

Tapas is commonly served on small plates in small portions, and is meant to be enjoyed with a beer or wine.

It is the perfect way to end off your day after hours of sightseeing at places like the Picasso Museum or a trip to Costa Brava.

Other restaurants that are worth mentioning include La Cova fumada, La Esquinica, and Vaso de Oro.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the popular tapas street in Barcelona?

Carrer de Blai stands out as Barcelona's premier tapas destination.

Often referred to as the city's tapas street, it's lined with numerous tapas bars, each beckoning patrons with delectable offerings and inviting atmospheres.

How many tapas should you order?

The number of tapas you should order can vary based on appetite and the specific dishes chosen.

Typically, a rule of thumb is to order two to three tapas per person. If dining solo, selecting a couple of items from the menu usually suffices.

Do you pay for tapas in Spain?

Spain boasts a delightful tradition where ordering a drink often comes with a complimentary tapa.

This free tapa might range from a simple serving of olives to a hearty portion of callos, a classic stew with tripe and chickpeas.

Beyond this, patrons can order specific tapas dishes, for which they'll be charged.


Barcelona is home to some of the best modern tapas bars in the world. Whether you are visiting for the first time, or live in the city, by the time you leave you, too, will have an array of your favorite tapas bars.

Wind down after a long day of sightseeing by visiting any restaurant for Barcelona tapas, and dine on meals of salmon sashimi, squid ink croquettes, and other yummy dishes.

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